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IOP Publishing

IOP Publishing is a publishing company of the Institute of Physics. The Institute of Physics is a scientific charitable organization dedicated to improving the practice, understanding and application of physics, and has more than 50 000 community members around the world.

The Institute of Physics was formed in 1960 from merger of the London Society of Physicists that existed since 1874 (the first president of this Society was John Hall Gladstone), and the Institute of Physics, founded in 1920.

IOP Publishing publishes the advanced scientific researches that are valued worldwide.

IOP Publishing publishes outstanding journals and books in theoretical and applied physics and related disciplines. Most journals are included in the Journal Citation Reports, which confirms the scholarly depth of the content.

The electronic base of IOP Publishing includes more than 80 journals covering various fields of science and development, which provide access to more than 400,000 articles from 1874 to the present.

You may  find the full list of journals on IOP Publishing.

Subject Areas:
  • astronomy and astrophysics
  • atomic and molecular physics
  • biomedical engineering
  • condensed matter physics
  • education
  • environment and electricity
  • instruments and measuring devices
  • materials
  • math and computing
  • medical physics and biophysics
  • optics and photonics
  • particle physics and nuclear physics
  • plasma
  • quantum science

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