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Annual Reviews

Annual Reviews was established in 1932 by a group of scientists led by Professor J. Murray Luck (1899-1993; Stanford University). The first series of the journal was Annual Review of Biochemistry in 1932.

The main goal of the publisher is to generalize and integrate knowledge in order to develop the science and the benefits of society. The Collections of journals help scientists and students (of all levels of training) to reveal knowledge in the field of the scientific discoveries and the understanding of the vital scientific research. Thus, articles of Annual Reviews are associated as required to read scientific work.

Interesting Facts:
- each year the issues of journals increase by 3%
- only 51 subject areas in the field of biomedicine, biological, physical and social sciences
- on average, each article contains 130 links
- average article size is 24 pages
- over 4 200 illustrations are created each year for an improved understanding of complex concepts.
- the authors of the articles are Nobel laureates, 56 per cent of whom are researches in the field of medicine, physiology and 42 per cent are researches in the field of chemistry

Collections of Annual Reviews jornals are covering various scientific topics. More than half of these journals have the highest level of citation by impact factor (Science Citation Index), ranking first in their categories of sciences. A complete list of the journal collection is available on Annual Reviews.

Subject Areas:
  • analytical chemistry
  • astronomy
  • bioscience
  • anthropology
  • biochemistry
  • biomedical engineering
  • biophysics
  • etiology of cancer
  • clinical psychology
  • criminology
  • fundamental psychology
  • natural science
  • computer science
  • economy
  • finance
  • genetics
  • immunology
  • law and social sciences
  • linguistics
  • the medicine
  • pharmacology and toxicology
  • statistics
  • virology
  • ecology
  • political science

  • Available from any devices
  • High-standard peer-reviewed journals
  • Covers various scientific fields
  • Leading researcher publications
  • You may search for articles by subject area, title of publication, subject, author of quotations, etc.