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American Chemical Society

American Chemical Society is a scientific society based in the United States that supports scientific inquiry in the field of chemistry. It was founded in 1876 at New York University. Today, ACS has over 160,000 members.

American Chemical Society Publications is one of the leading leaders in publishing scientific resources and research in chemistry. ACS Publications publishes world-famous journals covering various areas of the chemical sciences.

The scientific studies of Nobel Prize winners in chemistry and medicine have been published in ACS Publications journals and books. ACS Publications journals confirm their reliability by including in Web of Science and high impact factors in  Journal Citation Reports: journals are first-ranked in all seven subject groups in the Chemistry section, as well as in 8 related subject groups.

ACS Publications journals  are provided in electronic format as a whole collection and/or individual journals. The complete collection of journals that currently publishing includes more than 60 journals (issues starting from 1996, including the archive collection of journals (issues up to 1995). Journals include the additional materials: tables, graphs, images and videos that facilitates the perception of information and its analysis.

The full list of the journals is in on ACS Publications.

Subject area:
  • organic chemistry
  • inorganic chemistry
  • physical chemistry
  • medical chemistry
  • analytical chemistry
  • biochemistry
  • molecular biology
  • applied chemistry
  • chemical technology

  • Publications by leading researchers (Nobel Prize Laureates)
  • Often referenced
  • Including additional materials (tables, graphs and videos)
  • You can search for articles by subject area, title of publication, topic, author of quotes, or by keyword
  • Comprehensive support and additional resources