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The Springer Nature Magazine Collection includes a collection of all Springer and Nature magazines:

  • more than 3,400 titles of Springer magazines in the English
  • 134 journals from Nature, including Nature Partner journals, Nature Academic journals, Scientific American, and Palgrave McMillan.  

Springer Nature's portfolio is also represented by the world's largest collection of Open Access journals, including the platform magazines BioMed Centralи SpringerOpen.

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11 subjects:

  • The medicine
  • Biomedicine and life sciences
  • Business and economics
  • Chemistry and materials science
  • Computer science
  • Earth sciences and ecology
  • Engineering
  • Humanities, social sciences and law
  • Behavioral science
  • Mathematics and statistics
  • Physics and Astronomy

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You can find millions of publications in various subject areas on the  SpringerLink platform.

Journal Nature

Featured journals Nature

Nature is a weekly international magazine, with the highest impact factor of all journals that publish basic research.

Nature research journals publish selected materials of the highest quality and relevance in various disciplines, including unofficial materials and reviews.

Nature Communications is an open access journal that publishes research in all areas of the biological, chemical, and physical sciences.

Nature Protocols is an online publication of authoritative peer-reviewed protocols of leading researchers in all fields of biological and biomedical sciences, including research in physics and chemistry, which have practical applications to the study of biological problems. Complemented by Protocol Exchange - an open, interactive resource that allows researchers to quickly exchange laboratory protocols.

Nature Reviews magazines are designed to filter, isolate and analyze the latest information from a wide range of scientific and clinical studies.

Nature Partner journals is a series of online open access magazines published in collaboration with internationally renowned international partners.

Scientific Reports is an open-access multidisciplinary online publication that publishes research in various fields of biology, chemistry, physics, ecology, and earth science.

Scientific Data is a peer-reviewed open access journal for describing scientifically valuable data sets. Data Descriptor is designed to easily find, interpret and use data.

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