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4 апреля 2016

Springer Nature provides the ability to share the content of any of its journals

Authors and subscribers will be able to share with other researchers the content of more than 2,700 journals and 300,000 articles published annually by Springer Nature.


Springer Nature is extending its pilot project to share scientific information contained in Nature group journals between researchers and the General public through authors, subscribers, and international media partners.

In the near future, Springer Nature will provide authors with the opportunity to share links to their peer-reviewed scientific papers (the full text will be available in read mode), starting with the authors of the journals Nature and Nature research journals. This initiative will also apply to authors of all other primary scientific journals owned by Springer Nature, and ultimately to all authors of primary scientific journals published with Springer Nature.

Links can be placed anywhere: on the websites of institutes and scientific associations, on the authors ' own websites, as well as on social networks and other frequently used platforms. This exchange service is expected to be available within the next two months for all Springer Nature-owned journals, and in the following months for other journals after approval by their owners.

It is also planned to expand the list of media partners participating in this initiative. They currently represent more than 100 sites, many of which are aimed at the General public, including the BBC, the Economist, Wired and the New York Times. Many leading scientific bloggers are also present among the media partners.

The content sharing initiative is supported by ReadCube tools, whose functionality allows you to make available final versions of published research papers in the enhanced PDF streaming format. In addition to the full text of the article, Enhanced PDF provides hyperlinks of quotes and graphs, the ability to annotate In addition to these measures, Springer Nature plans to make additional efforts to further expand sharing opportunities that address the long-term needs of the scientific community.

This expansion of content sharing services follows the successful implementation of a 15-month pilot project conducted with the help of nature.com, launched in December 2014 and covering approximately 50 magazines and 6,000 articles. This project resulted in additional access to more than 1.3 million articles. Subscribers will continue to be able to exchange links to research articles from nature.com last year, Springer Nature also successfully participated in the creation and implementation of the content sharing initiative in the STM industry.

Source: www.springernature.com