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19 декабря 2019

Webinars on SpringerMaterials

We invite you to join the webinar on the use of SpringerMaterials.

The world's largest and most authoritative database of physical and chemical properties in materials science SpringerMaterials is a database that allows you to identify materials and their respective characteristics.

Schedule date: December 19, 2019, 12:00 (Moscow time)

In order to join the webinar, you must register at the appropriate link:


After registration, you will receive a confirmation letter containing a link marked Join the webinar to your mail. By clicking on it, you will join the webinar. Participation is free in all webinars. 

Webinar duration  – 60 minutes

Language: English and Russian 

Plan of the webinar:

- SpringerMaterials as one of Springer Nature's exceptional resources for students, teachers, and researchers (working language is English)

- the use of SpringerMaterials in research activities; (working language is English)

- questions and answers (working languages: English and Russian).

Seminar Host: Evelyn Ramfors, Senior Product Manager, SpringerMaterials and Nano at Springer Nature.