100K20 Springer Nature


24 апреля 2017

6th international scientific and practical conference “International scientific publication-2017: world practice of preparing and promoting publications”

100K20 took part in this international conference held on April 18-21, 2017 in the Congress center of the VEGA hotel complex.

The conference provided all participants of the scientific and publishing process with guidelines for the formation of a correct publication policy aimed at meeting international standards and promoting publications and publications to the world scientific community.

Mattias Aicher, CEO of 100K20, made a presentation on the opening day of the conference "E-books: past, present, future", dedicated to the development of the eBooks system worldwide.

The next day, the Manager of Nature Services, Jofri Planchard, made a presentation on "Nature Services for authors and magazine editors".

Next, SpringerNature's editorial development Manager, Jeffrey Robens, held a two-hour master class for editors.

Reports and presentations by Mr. Aicher and colleagues from Springer Nature brought together all participants in the publication process: editors, reviewers, publishers, founders, and authors. Precisely chosen topics aroused a wide response from the audience: after the speeches, the audience outlined their vision of the problems that concern the Russian and world scientific community.