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23 сентября 2016

100K20 at the forum "Science of the future. Science of the young " - 2016

From September 20 to 23, Kazan hosted the all-Russian scientific forum " Science of the future. Science of the young " - 2016, which was attended by representatives of the company 100K20.

The forum, held at the CFU site, is one of the largest annual scientific events. This year, it received more than 600 participants, including 400 scientists. The world's leading researchers and prominent representatives of the scientific community shared their knowledge and communicated with the younger generation of scientists and gifted students. On September 21, a joint event of 100K20, a representative office of Springer Nature publishing house, was held. Mattias Eicher, CEO of 100K20, and Daria Iovcheva, head of sales and customer relations, told the participants about the possibilities of the Springer Link platform and the 100K20 initiative. Bart Verbeek, editor of the journal Nature Physics, conducted a master class on the publication process in Nature Research Journals using the example of Nature Physics.