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Chemical Abstracts Service

Chemical Abstracts Service (CAS) is a division of the American Chemical Society, Chemical Abstracts is a periodical index that provides numerous tools such as SciFinder as well as tagged keywords, summaries, indexes of disclosures, and structures of compounds in recently published scientific documents. Approximately 8,000 journals, technical reports, dissertations, conference proceedings, and new books, available in at least 50 different languages, are monitored yearly, as are patent specifications from 27 countries and two international organizations. It also maintains the CAS registry, a comprehensive database of chemical compounds.

CAS is the only organization in the world whose main task is to search, collect and process all public information about chemical compounds.

SciFinder is the largest reference and abstract database on chemistry. It covers bibliographic information from several thousand journals, books, patents, dissertations (more than 50 million entries in total). In addition to the usual bibliographic search, the following are available: search by chemical compounds, Markush structures and chemical reactions (there is a special visual editor for drawing molecules, structures and reactions).

Formulus delivers the world's largest collection of formulations from journals, patents, and product inserts, and includes detailed supplier specifications and regulatory resources.

STN is the premier single source for searching the world's disclosed scientific and technical research. Providing integrated access to the most current and complete collection of global disclosed patent and non-patent, scientific and technical content, STN supports comprehensive retrieval to inform critical business decisions.

MethodsNow is a single source for searching and comparing the latest published scientific methods by featuring step-by-step instructions that you can take right to the lab in areas like pharmacology, HPLC, food analysis, natural product isolation analysis and water analysis.

NCI Global is a single resource for up-to-date regulatory information on hundreds of thousands of chemical compounds regulated worldwide. With coverage of nearly 150 international regulatory inventories and lists, NCI Global makes it easy to search by CAS Registry Numbers, chemical names, and more.

PatentPak is an integrated workflow solution designed to radically reduce time spent acquiring and searching through full-text patents to find vital chemistry insights. PatentPak provides access to ~18 million searchable, full-text patents from 46 major patent offices across the globe.

ChemZent makes historical research accessible by providing an essential resource, Chemisches Zentralblatt to anyone researching chemistry. Available digitally and fully translated from the original German for the first time, ChemZent extends your SciFinder search back to 1830, empowering researchers with additional decades of crucial breakthroughs.

CHEMCATS is the market-leading index of commercially available chemicals and their worldwide suppliers.

Science IP searches the world’s scientific and technical literature to discover answers and insight that drive confident business decisions. From an exhaustive search to a focused report, Science IP delivers results that guide innovation and ensure protection of intellectual property.