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Taylor & Francis Group

The international publisher Taylor & Francis Group collaborates with world-class authors, from leading researchers to scientists and professionals of various fields. The publishing house was founded in 1852 by William Francis and Richard Taylor. It is a division of Informa plc, a United Kingdom-based publisher and conference company. Taylor & Francis Group is one of the world's leading publishers of scientific journals, books, e-books, textbooks and reference materials.

Taylor & Francis Group publishes books for all levels of academic study and professional development in a wide range of subjects and disciplines. Each year, more than 5 000 new books are published, along with previously published books in 120 000 subject titles. Books are available in print and electronic format.

On the Taylor & Francis Group site platform you may find a complete collection of books.

Subject Areas:
  • art
  • behavioral sciences
  • bioscience
  • computer science
  • natural science
  • economics, finance, business and industry
  • education
  • engineering and technology
  • environment and agriculture
  • geography
  • healthcare
  • information science
  • linguistics and literature
  • right
  • math and statistics
  • the medicine
  • dentistry
  • study of museums and cultural heritage
  • physical sciences
  • politics
  • Social sciencies
  • sport
  • tourism
  • urban studies