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IOP Publishing

IOP Publishing is a publishing company of the Institute of Physics. The Institute of Physics is a scientific charitable organization dedicated to improving the practice, understanding and application of physics, and has more than 50 000 community members around the world.

The Institute of Physics was formed in 1960 from merger of the London Society of Physicists that existed since 1874 (the first president of this Society was John Hall Gladstone), and the Institute of Physics, founded in 1920.

IOP Publishing publishes the advanced scientific researches that are valued worldwide.

IOP Publishing Book Collection offers high-quality research in physics and related subjects and is designed to meet the needs of students, novice researchers, and recognized leaders in the field.

Books are presented in the following collections:

1. Expanding Physics ™ offers books by leading experts from various fields of physics and related disciplines. Ideal for advanced students and researchers at all stages of a career in academia and industry. This collection also includes the collections of IPEM-IOP Physics and Engineering in the field of medicine and physics in collaboration with IPEM.

2. Concise Physics ™ consists of research papers developed jointly with Morgan & Claypool publishing house covering more than 30 different areas of physics. Concise Physics books offer a brief overview of ongoing research, an introduction to key principles, a look at history, or a summary of effective teaching methods. This collection helps and satisfies the needs of researchers, students, teachers and anyone interested in physics.

3. AAS-IOP Astronomy - This collection aims to highlight scientific knowledge in the field of astronomy and astrophysics, and was created by IOP in collaboration with the American Astronomical Society (American Astronomical Society).